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About Macan Projects

We are a building company who work closely with architects in creating beautifully crafted spaces.
Located in the Inner West, we have built a tight team of contractors who have experience in projects that are both challenging and intricately detailed.
We are very active on site, maintaining a full-time presence for the length of the project. This is our simple approach to getting the details right, ensuring all processes and stages of construction are completed thoroughly and with excellence in mind. We offer value to clients by resolving design challenges with smart and efficient solutions.

A good fit of architect, client and builder is something we seek out and believe it makes the process of building more satisfying for all concerned.

We offer our services in both new work and renovation work throughout Sydney.


About Anto Macan

Anto is the proprietor of Macan Projects and has more than 30 years of experience in the building industry. He has a degree in Construction Management and has spent many years building with his own hands as a licenced builder. His passion comes from a family heritage of carpenters and concreters.

​Anto has also worked several years as a Site Manager on larger projects, including large residences, apartment buildings and commercial projects. These days his focus and energy remain in unique, architecturally designed residences.

His many years of direct hands on experience informs the process of design and detail development with architects, working up solutions that are buildable, simplified and with longevity in mind, whilst not compromising the design intent….“A good solution is a step closer to a better solution”.

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